In Bombas ideal we have a great variety of pumps and related complements for pumping water, also submersible pumps for water drainage or waste water evacuation.

In this post we will highlight the submersible pump ARS. An effective product for the actions of evacuation of wastewater and rainwater to the sewerage networks or the management of the sanitation of buildings and towns, all of them are fundamental activities that must be attended with extreme care and attention, thus avoiding the danger that it represents for public health if they are not properly eliminated quickly.

Submersible pumps ARS

The electric pumps of the ARS series are submersible groups specially designed for the treatment of wastewater.

These pumps are formed by a hydraulic part and by an electric motor. The hydraulic part has impellers of type: drainage, vortex, single-channel, multi-channel and crushers, which contributes to having a variety of solids passage between 6 and 105 millimeters.

Another fundamental part of this pump are the suction and discharge flanges. They are of high quality and are made according to EN 1092 (DIN 28605), from a diameter of 40 to 300, and are drilled according to DIN 2501-PN10, which is the one that marks the regulations.

The electric pumps of the ARS brand are groups of great solidity that also work very safely. This is possible, basically, to its oversized bearings and shaft, to the humidity and temperature probes (standard as of 7.5 Horses), to its double mechanical seal and to the oil chamber to lubricate the mechanical seals that Help protect our pump from water leaks.

To keep it in perfect condition for much longer, the brand gives a painting treatment by double epoxy coating. In addition to offering a reticulated paint with special polyamide for immersion and to resist aggressive industrial environments.

All submersible groups of this brand have three-phase electric motors type squirrel cage. What is a guarantee of manipulation.

Each model of submersible pump of this brand is designed for a specific use, so it is convenient to choose the appropriate power or that we will need in each case. Currently, the powers oscillate between 1.1 Cv of drainage groups or crushers, and 135 Cv of multichannel groups.

How to select our submersible pump?

To select a quality submersible group we must take into account the following parameters:

The manometric height.
The flow.
The ph and electrical conductivity.
The density and viscosity of the liquid to be pumped. Thus, for example, pumps that are capable of pumping suspended particles containing sewage are particularly interesting. This they do thanks to the fact that they employ impellers that by their design protect the pump from blockages and jams.
The application for which the pump has been designed. In this brand we will be able to acquire submersible pumps for: sewage treatment plants, the pumping of municipal and industrial faecal wastewater, the drainage of buildings and land, the treatment of wastewater, industrial processes, rainwater containing abrasive particles and sands, quarry waters, the collection of biological pits, etc.
The type of installation of the pump. The most common are: wet chamber, transportable and dry chamber.

In any case, before choosing our submersible pump it is advisable that we ask for help from an expert professional. Qualified personnel with great experience, such as the Bombas Ideal technicians.