The Valencian company Bombas Ideal has participated, during the first week of July, in the Forum of Investments and Business Cooperation Spain-Morocco. A meeting in which companies from both countries meet to generate the exchange of experiences and facilitate possible commercial exchanges.

Foro de inversiones y negocios en Marruecos
The Forum was attended by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism in office, Reyes Maroto, who highlighted the special relevance of Morocco as a strategic partner of Spain, especially in terms of modernization of its economy. In addition, added the public representative, is an exceptional guide in the Spanish economic expansion across the African continent.

Foro de inversiones y negocios en Marruecos

The Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto with Fernando Serrano (Bombas Ideal)


Ideal Pumps offers Effective Solutions for any water pumping need in Morocco.

With the development of the Spain-Morocco Investment and Business Cooperation Forum, the aim is to ensure that Spanish companies can achieve the identification of business investment and cooperation opportunities in Morocco as well as potential partners in the local economy.

This meeting aims to promote, consolidate and strengthen the presence of Spanish companies in this market in constant expansion and growth.

Water and the environment are among the sectors of interest highlighted by the Ministry. A space in which Bombas Ideal has a lot to contribute.

And the fact is that the need to manage water is fundamental in Morocco where there are many fields of crops that supply products to the European Union. We must remember at this point that Morocco is among the countries most affected by water stress that plagues all of Africa. And that, in addition, the evolution of water availability is alarming. In fact, in the year 1960 this availability stood at 2,560 cubic meters per inhabitant per year; figure that has fallen significantly until reaching 730 cubic meters per inhabitant and year in 2017. A figure that is well below the threshold of 1,000 cubic meters per inhabitant per year that marks the situation of water stress in a country.

A situation that has led the authorities to launch numerous actions with which to promote proper water management and a more equitable distribution, without waste of this vital element. In this way, the Moroccan government has planned the approval of a National Water Plan (NAP), which should set the objectives and investments necessary to achieve the threshold of one thousand cubic meters progressively until 2050, replacing the previous NAP that had a much lower investment volume.

And it is that the resources of superficial waters economically accessible in Morocco are, at present, exploited in something more than a 90%, whereas great part of the underground water resources are overexploited. What supposes an important degradation of the phreatic layers of the floor. In addition, 35 dams are currently being built and the real guidelines have set a construction rate of 3 dams per year of different sizes. This represents an important business opportunity for companies such as Bombas Ideal, which has already launched its first contacts with local agents and has made its disposition available to the relevant authorities to provide their knowledge of the subject.

Thus, initiatives such as the Spain-Morocco Investment and Business Cooperation Forum represent the opportunity for consolidation and commercial expansion of Bombas Ideal, a company specialized in offering Effective Solutions for any need for water pumping.