Islamic University “AL IMAM MUHAMMAD IBN SAUD” – Refrigeration circuit –


Bombas Ideal has been awarded, in front of major international manufacturers, the supply of cold water pumping equipment for air conditioning of the Islamic University Al-Imam.

On the university campus of the capital Riyadh, is the building that houses six York brand coolers of 25,000 W each with a total capacity of 150MW.

The pumping package that includes a total of 33 equipments, includes Normalized Horizontal Pumps RNI Series,  Horizontal Pumps RN Series  and  Split Chamber Pumps CPH Series, on inertia benches and medium voltage frequency variators ranging their powers between 30Cv and 870CV. Teams pump water between 4.4 and 7.2o C.

For this international project, our R+D+i Department has developed a whole series of special pumps that comply with the specific data and the high demands of the installation, all manufactured in accordance with the strictest international regulations and with the quality certificate of our own production ISO 9001-ISO 14001.