Pumping station in the Chanza river reservoir


This pumping station guarantees watering at any time of the year.

– from the dam and by means of a catchment pumping, an elevated tank is fed.
– by communicating vessels, from the deposit the regulation-storage basin is supplied.
– with 3,000 m of fiber cement pipe and 1,200 mm diameter, the tank is connected to the regulating-warehouse pond.
– as well as the piezometric level at this point (it fluctuates depending on the operating conditions of the network as a whole) the delivery level varies from (56) to the crest of the storage basin level (75).

The raft is calculated to meet consumption for 24 hours and its filling capacity in 12h, for which a divided pit has been built for the placement of the two submersible groups IDEAL type SVA-602 to raise each 1.125 l / sec. to 7.5 m motor 180 hp at 740 rpm, cascading. Each pump provides the flow and head necessary to fill the raft in the event that the pressure received is not sufficient to fill it.

SVA Series Submersible Pumps are helical propeller and SVHC Series Submersible Pumps are helical. Specially designed for pumping large flows at small and medium heights. With propeller and helical impellers, they are specially designed for pumping large volumes of water at low and medium altitudes. The high performances obtained by these pumps and their high reliability make them very suitable for pumping rainwater, desiccation of land, drainage, rice fields, work in treatment plants, water parks, marine water, etc…