• Year 1885. The Company Serrano y Aguilar S.L. founded by Salvador Serrano Mestre, sells hydraulic pumps under the brand IDEAL.
  • Year 1906. The Serrano and Casanova families acquire the Aguilar part, being called BOMBAS IDEAL.
  • Year 1908. Transfer of the central offices to Lauria Street and the factory to the current Avd de la Constitución where it housed a fundamental iron foundry for the manufacture of water pumps.
  • Incorporation of Mr. Salvador Serrano Casanova (second generation), who at the age of 25, managed to take off Bombas Ideal with the manufacture of the then ultramodern centrifugal pumps.
  • Year 1960. Creation of the Export Department, under the direction of the recently incorporated Mr. Salvador Serrano Sastre (third generation).
  • Year 1969. With the incorporation of Mr. Fernando Serrano Sastre (third generation), the Department of Methods and Times was created and productivity was increased without reducing quality to unthinkable levels.
  • The ’70s. Relocation of headquarters from Lauria Street to Navarro Reverter.
  • Year 1986. Beginning of the current facilities in Massalfassar, counting on the most advanced technology.
  • Year 1994. The fourth generation, formed by Mr. Salvador and Mr. Fernando, hold the positions of Chairman and CEO of Bombas Ideal.
Historia de Bombas Ideal