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Corporate Social Responsibility

For “Bombas Ideal SA”, Corporate Social Responsibility is integrated into the internal dynamics of the company and does not obey specific actions with exclusively philanthropic content, but is part of the same strategic direction.

The Company reconciles growth and competitiveness – based on its own competitive advantages – with the return to society of part of the added value generated and with the commitment to social development and environmental improvement, and is currently awarded ISO 14001 certification.

  • The ENVIRONMENTAL dimension is based on the optimisation of the resources used (generalisation of LED light sources in all areas, reuse of water in the Pump Test Bench, minimisation of waste generated…) thus contributing to the improvement of the natural environment of society as a whole.
  • From an ECONOMIC perspective, the commitment of “Bombas Ideal SA” is the creation of long-term added value and ethical behaviour at all decision-making levels within the corporation.
  • From the SOCIAL point of view, the strategy is based on the professional development of the employees, on their continuous training, on the optimum conditions of the working environment (ergonomics, health, safety and cleanliness) and on facilitating the reconciliation of work and family. All this in an environment of maximum respect for all employees.

At the same time, Bombas Ideal collaborates with various entities to help the most needy, NGOs and sports initiatives (including its own facilities for the enjoyment of all employees) with the aim of improving the quality of life of these groups through the transfer of added value generated in economic activity.

Finally, I would like to point out that the donation of equipment for the extraction, distribution and use of water resources contribute to economic and social development, avoiding depopulation due to lack of water and promoting Life in the most disadvantaged areas.

Currently, the Company is in the process of being awarded the “ISO 26000” CSR Certification.

BOMBAS IDEAL SA (08/06/18)




By resolution of the Board of Directors of the company BOMBAS IDEAL, SA, held on September 7, 2021, it is convened the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company, to be held on October 21, 2021, at the registered office of the entity, C / Cid 8, Pol. Ind. Mediterráneo – Massalfassar (Valencia), at 9.00 am on the first call, and if necessary the next day at the same time, on the second call, in order to deliberate and, where appropriate, adopt agreements on the matters included in the following


FIRST.- Removal and appointment of the management body.

SECOND.- Delegation of powers.

THIRD.- Requests and questions and approval, if applicable, of the Minutes of the Meeting .

The right of shareholders is stated, in accordance with the provisions of article 272.2 of the Law on Capital Companies, to obtain from the Company immediately and free of charge, the documents that must be submitted to the approval of the General Meeting.

Massalfassar (Valencia), September 7, 2021. < / p>

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bombas Ideal is committed to society and our values include collaboration with associations whose mission is to help those most in need. Where our contribution can make a difference. That is why we collaborate in different fields, contributing in social projects of help to the most needy.

A medical-humanitarian action organization that assists people threatened by armed conflict, violence, epidemics or neglected diseases, natural disasters and exclusion from medical care.


Casa Caridad is a pioneering NGO in the care of homeless people and those at risk of social exclusion, working with one objective: to offer lasting solutions to integrate people into society.




Non-profit organization made up of patients, family members, volunteers, collaborators and professionals.
“We develop our activity throughout Spain. To lessen the impact of cancer and improve people’s lives.”


“We promote the integral development of individuals and peoples, especially the poorest and most excluded.”





The Comboni Missionaries is a missionary institute that carries out its work in more than 30 countries and fight against poverty and slavery.



Management Policy

The Management assumes in first person the responsibility of the Management System in BOMBAS IDEAL and, in order to provide products and services that fully satisfy the needs of external and internal customers with maximum efficiency as well as bearing in mind the expressed or implicit needs of interested parties carrying out the R+D+i activities that satisfy their expectations, sets out the following Management Policy, on which the company’s System is based, and which will be reviewed periodically through the System Review by the Management:

  • To supply products, giving a service that satisfies the needs and expectations of the Clients and fulfill the applicable legal, normative and regulatory requirements, as well as any other requirement that the company subscribes to.
  • Take into account the nature, magnitude and environmental impacts of its activities and of these products
  • Develop and maintain a technological vigilance effort, placing emphasis on developments with a high impact on the market, being respectful of the environment and establishing the most appropriate mechanisms for the protection and exploitation of results.
  • Deliver them at competitive prices and on time, achieving and maintaining a reputation for quality with good service and price.
  • To establish the necessary tools to establish and review the objectives and goals, considering as priorities: to respond in the shortest possible time to the demands expressed by the market, as well as the reduction in the generation of waste.
  • Consider it as a global concept that includes all work, no matter how small, as a key factor for competitiveness and pollution prevention.
  • Continuously improve the production processes and products, through training and motivation of the personnel of BOMBAS IDEAL, S.A. in order to seek their participation in the management of integrated Quality and Environmental Systems.
  • The strengthening of planning and preventive and improvement actions.

This Management Policy has been adequately disseminated and explained to all levels of the company and to all interested parties.

Massalfassar 11-04-2018


Our Values

Proven experience and the capacity for constant innovation are the quality guarantee of Bombas Ideal S.A.

Since its creation in 1902, the main guideline of our company has been to offer effective solutions for any pumping need in installations of all types. We have always been guided by quality and innovation, so we apply at all times the most advanced technology, both in design and manufacturing.

Our work is supported and demonstrated by facts:

  • A large number of our products are used in major works of world reference.
  • We have an accumulated experience of more than 100 years of water pumping projects.
  • Close cooperation with our customers makes us a technological partner.
  • Our rigour and dedication is recognised by the ISO 9001 certificates and AENOR registers of all our products and services.

R+D+i Department

Our R&D department is an indispensable tool to provide the best solutions to our customers. We have more than 60 people among engineers and professional experts, as well as a test bench designed together with the Chair of Hydraulics of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (with reservoir water capacities of 266,000 liters, with a test availability of 120,000 liters per minute, 1000 Kwa of power, which allows simultaneous testing of different types of pumps).

A wide commercial network to be always at your side

Our extensive sales network has 11 sales offices throughout Spain, as well as a network of more than 200 distributors and technical services.

Bombas Ideal S.A. offers and guarantees:

  • An excellent quality/price ratio that has been proven over the years.
  • One of the widest ranges on the market.
  • Be your best technological partner by offering you the best technical advice.
  • A continuous research and development of leading products.




R+D+i vision, strategy and policy


The vision of BOMBAS IDEAL S.A. is to keep its technological capacities up to date and increase them through the R+D+i projects that the organisation deems appropriate in the sectors in which it operates.

These technological capacities will allow BOMBAS IDEAL S.A. to reach a position of national and international reference in these sectors, through the integration of innovation and technological development as a strategic activity of the organization.


The strategy of BOMBAS IDEAL S.A. is to continue investing in Research, Development and Innovation of new products and services, as well as in the continuous improvement of the current ones that allow the organization to offer innovative and efficient integral pumping solutions that best adapt to the present and future needs of the market.

The ultimate aim of this strategy is to position BOMBAS IDEAL S.A. within the reference group of the sector, through the continuous innovation of its range of products and services.

To this end, all personnel involved must keep abreast of trends in the sector as well as technologies that may be applicable, using the sources of technological surveillance defined by the organization or other new sources deemed appropriate.

Decisions will be based on the information provided in the internal and external analysis carried out for this purpose, always taking into account the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders.


The established R+D+i policy is aimed at promoting R+D+i activities as a differential factor of competitiveness in the sectors in which the company operates, establishing guidelines for the selection, development and efficient management of these activities.

With this conviction, the organization develops these activities within an R&D Management System based on the UNE 166002: 2014 standard and on an R&D&I policy established by the Management and based on the following principles:

➢ R+D+i must be the driving force behind the growth of the organisation, generating new products that meet the needs of our customers.

➢ R+D+i must be a differential activity with respect to competitors, providing recognition and prestige to the organization.

➢ Technology watch provides the organization with the knowledge of the environment and the appropriate competitive intelligence to make the most appropriate decisions and allow us to anticipate changes at all times.

➢ Technological innovation must be oriented in such a way that it contributes significantly to the fulfilment of the company’s strategic plan and strengthens its position in the market.

➢ A culture based on innovation, creativity and continuous improvement should be promoted within the organisation, which encourages the behaviours and practices in that direction of all members of the organisation.

➢ The process of developing new products and services must take sustainability criteria into account.

➢ The R&D&I objectives are consistent with this policy and are aligned with the process model defined by the organisation, and are reviewed periodically.

Management undertakes to review this policy periodically, adapting it to new organisational, environmental or market requirements, and to communicate it by any means deemed appropriate to all members of the organisation and interested parties.


This R+D+i policy was approved by the Management on 17 June 2015.