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Manufacturing since 1902

Since its creation in 1902, the guideline of our company has been to offer Efficient Solutions for any pumping need.

All types of installation

Through the integration of innovation and technological development, we have become a national and worldwide reference.

Constant innovation

We have always been guided by quality and innovation. Therefore, we apply the most advanced technology in both design and manufacturing.

With guarantee of quality

Our rigour and dedication is recognised by the ISO 9001 and AENOR Registrations for all our products and services.

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We gather all the detailed and necessary Technical Information that our R+D+i Department together with prestigious Hydraulic Chairs develop, for the applications specifically demanded in medium and high flow projects.


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Centro de Formación de Bombas Ideal


New Training Center where we teach specialized courses in Hydraulics . This Centre is aimed at our customers, distributors, engineers, final year engineering students and internal staff.


Software Selección de bombas - Bombas Ideal

Software Pump selection


It allows us to carry out hydraulic calculations from the variables that interest us. The result shows us the most suitable pumping equipment for your requirements.


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Ideal Pumps at the Forum of investments and business in Morocco 2019

The Valencian company Bombas Ideal has participated, during the first week of July, in the Forum of Investments and Business Cooperation Spain-Morocco. A meeting in which companies from both countries meet to generate the exchange of experiences and facilitate...

Solar pumping: the most ecological and economical way to pump water

Solar pumping is the name given to the pumps that, instead of being powered by electric current, use solar energy. Our country has areas that are suffering from serious problems of desertification, access to water is unequal and unfortunately there are areas where it...

Submersible pumps for drainage and waste in Ideal Pumps

In Bombas ideal we have a great variety of pumps and related complements for pumping water, also submersible pumps for water drainage or waste water evacuation. In this post we will highlight the submersible pump ARS. An effective product for the actions of evacuation...

Horizontal centrifugal pumps SERIE CP in Bombas ideal

Horizontal centrifugal pumps are highly reliable pumps with very high yields. In fact, they can work in very harsh and constant conditions over time. And the robustness of its structure allows a reduced maintenance and a long duration. What is a combination more than...

Stainless steel submersible pumps TXI and SXT

Submersible electric pumps are products that have a sealed impeller to their casing, which allows them to be submerged in the liquid that we want to pump. Its main advantage is that it can provide a lifting force that does not depend on the external air pressure,...

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Grupos Sumergidos SDX de 10" AISI-316 en micro-fusión

SDX Submerged Groups from 10″

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Factory Expansion

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Banco de ensayos
Banco de Pruebas Homologado. Bombas Ideal

Designed with our own Know-how of more than 114 years of experience in the field of Hydraulic Technology, Bombas Ideal has a New Test Bench in the Factory.

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