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Maximum reliability.

Bombas Ideal Test Bench.

Designed with our own know-how from more than 114 years of experience in the field of Hydraulic Technology.

Banco de Pruebas, Centro de control- Bombas Ideal
  • An Advanced Telemetry System able to collect data in real time, control solenoid valves, vary speed, etc..
  • A Powerful Computer System that allows to carry out all the routine or special tests that need to be controlled by an operator for its later personalized Management of the obtained data.
  • A Direct Communication System with the Engineering Department where we carry out the Technical Studies and validate the specific tests for each case.
  • A Direct Communication System with the Client , which will be able to view the tests remotely without having to go to the factory.
Banco de Pruebas, vista parcial - Bombas Ideal
Banco de Pruebas, vista parcial 1- Bombas Ideal
Banco de Pruebas, Vista parcial 2- Bombas Ideal
  1. Supports Large Flow 300,000 l/min, 18,000 m3/h, 5,000 l/s, 8,000 US GPM
  2. It has 8 test collectors , which allows the simultaneous study of different types of Pumps.
  3. It has 7 electromagnetic flows per test circuit ranging from DN50mm(2″) to DN800mm(32″) obtaining flows from 7 m3/h to 18.000 m3/h (31-8.000GPM).
  4. With a depth of 5m pit, it allows testing vertical turbine pumps, propeller and helicoidal pumps as well as standard horizontal pumps, split chambers, pressure and fire fighting equipment.
  5. A Transformer with power 1000kVA and electrical panels equipped with Frequency Variators, being able to test at variable speed, powers up to 630 kW.
  6. It has a Pressurized Aspiration Collector that allows to perform positive aspiration tests and NPSH tests with values higher than 10m.
  7. It has Variators of Speed of 630kW, 160kW, 75kW, 55kW, 15kW.
  8. It operates the SCADA via Wifi which allows to operate the valves, drive the pumps, etc. remotely.