Horizontal centrifugal pumps are highly reliable pumps with very high yields. In fact, they can work in very harsh and constant conditions over time. And the robustness of its structure allows a reduced maintenance and a long duration. What is a combination more than interesting for those who use them assiduously in their professional work.

CP Series Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps

The horizontal centrifugal pumps of the CP Range are split-chamber, double-flow, without diffusers, with replaceable slip-rings, single or two-stage.

The suction and impulsive flanges in line of this pump, are an integral part of the lower body to allow an easy disassembly of the moving parts, avoiding the disconnection of the pipes always guaranteeing perfect alignment, and thus avoiding vibration problems.

The impellers of this pump model have been designed with the highest technology to guarantee the best performance within the useful field of each pump.

Depending on the model of pump of this range that we choose, the product can incorporate two impellers in back disposition, one impeller with double aspiration, so that the axial thrust is always compensated.

A fundamental part of this horizontal centrifugal pump is the hydraulic sealing is achieved by packing with shaft protective sleeve or optionally by compensated mechanical seal.

It is a very suitable pump to raise clean or slightly charged liquids. And it is a product prepared for the pumping of liquids up to 100 ºC. A figure that rises in the mechanical closing version, where it can reach a temperature of 160ºC.

Different materials have been used for its manufacture. The most common are those described below:

Upper and lower body, impeller, front and rear press boxes, front and rear bearings support in cast iron GG25.
Closing rings manufactured in bronze 90-10.
Pump shaft AISI 420.
Press caps AISI 304.
Graphite gasket.

Optionally you can buy this model of horizontal centrifugal pump with the following features:

Surround in AISI 304, in bronze.
Pump in construction AISI, in bronze.
With a standardized mechanical seal.

Applications of CP Series Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps

bombas centrífugas horizontales 

The horizontal centrifugal pumps of the CP Series have multiple applications. The most common are the following:

Desalination plants, or spaces in which reverse osmosis processes are carried out.
Irrigation in general.
Drinking water supplies.
Sewage stations.
Heating and air conditioning installations.
Complement in fire fighting equipment.

In refineries and pipelines.
For services in conventional thermal plants.
Cooling towers
Pumping of seawater.
Steelworks, mining.
Paper or cellulose industry.

So, if you want or need a horizontal centrifugal pump, do not hesitate and contact the commercial department of Bombas Ideal. We are experts in water pumping and we can solve any technical doubts. We also have an excellent after sales service.