Extending the ARS Series of ATEX Certified Submerged Wastewater Pumps

The ARS Series of Submersible Wastewater Pumps are specially designed to provide a quick solution to the public health problems caused by stagnant wastewater. This Series ARS, by their specific characteristics they do that their models can remove residual waters with solids in suspension of different sizes and even pasty liquids, being used in :
– Wastewater treatment plants
– Urban collector pumping from lower levels
– Waste Plants
– Underpasses of roads and railway lines
– Industry
– etc.
Our company is pleased to extend the range with Submerged Wastewater Pumps with Pumps of greater Power, flow Q, head H and a diameter of Impulsion DN250 and DN300 greater. And it is our R+D+i department that has made the whole range ATEX certified.

ATEX certificate for the entire range of the ARS Series

The word ATEX comes from the French ATmosphère EXplosives. It is a Directive applicable in the European Union that ensures that any deflagration generated inside the engine, even if it contains flammable material, will be confined inside the engine without being able to escape into the atmosphere.

What does it mean for users to have an ATEX certified ARS Series Pump?

Purchasing the ARS Series pumps that we design and build as manufacturers ensures that you have made the right choice and have the right solution to any wastewater problem, due to the wide range of water pumps you have.
Possession of such a Certificate provides the user with the peace of mind and security that our ARS Series Submerged Wastewater Pumps will not cause fires or cause dangerous situations.