Submersible electric pumps are products that have a sealed impeller to their casing, which allows them to be submerged in the liquid that we want to pump. Its main advantage is that it can provide a lifting force that does not depend on the external air pressure, which allows it to ascend the liquid.

One of the most popular and effective on the market is the submersible pump of the S series. And this well pump is ideal for domestic, industrial, irrigation and pressurized water installations by means of hydraulic accumulators.

They are pumps that are designed for the extraction of water from deep wells and reduced drilling diameter. Its modular composition consists of a hydraulic pump, and a submersible electric motor, which is attached to the bottom of the pump.

It is a pump that can work in vertical or horizontal position, thanks to its cooling hood.

Submersible pumps are composed of three parts: a hydraulic body (formed in a schematic manner, by a suction body, a drive body, and stages or phases, formed with diffusor bodies and closed multi-channel impellers of the radial type); a submersible electric motor (which supports the axial thrust of the pump, by means of a widely dimensioned axial bearing); and a hydraulic column (composed of sections or stages, of normal commercial piping, depending on the depth of the well).

Stainless steel submersible pumps TXI and SXT

The TXI and SXT stainless steel submersible electric pump model is one of the most popular models on the market. The TXI and SXT pumps are suitable for supplying water to homes and towns, farms, for industry or agriculture, and even for the sources, although it has many other applications.

It is an extremely robust electric pump since it is completely made of stainless steel, which allows its use in the most demanding applications. All the parts that compose it are oversized offering the pump a high rigidity and resistance to wear.

It can be supplied with variable speed variator and Varivip, depending on the power and voltage we need.

Stainless steel submersible pumps TXI and SXT: advantages

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In addition to all that has already been mentioned, the main advantages of the TXI and STX submersible electric pumps are the following:

It is not necessary to disassemble the strainer to pass the cable.
It has a great resistance to corrosion in all parts of the pump. This data is important given the high lime content of water in some parts of the Spanish geography.
It is an electric pump with good hydraulic performance, and with higher yields.
Its configuration allows to increase and / or reduce the pressure, adding or eliminating phases of it.
Thanks to its composition we can eliminate priming complications, pump always in charge (that is, submerged).
It is a pump that has no problems in aspiration.
It is a product that avoids air intakes.
It does not produce noise pollution.
This type of pumps has a minimum maintenance, which allows to avoid additional costs to its acquisition.
It does not need a bench for its installation, because it needs a small space.
It has a longer life than other pumps of other models.

So, if you are looking for submersible electric pumps in quality stainless steel, that are resistant, that allow you to have water wherever you want, keep in mind the recommendations of Ideal Pumps. We will advise you on this and you will be able to enjoy a product with many benefits for many years.