The RNI range are Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps with axial suction and support for horizontal shaft bearing, according to Ex DIN 24255 / NF E-44111, and impellers of hydraulic design optimized for high performance. This standardization allows to unify the same part to a large number of pump sizes, thus facilitating the service of spare parts, by reducing the variety of parts. Its design allows the revision of all rotating and internal parts without the need to disconnect the pump body from the suction and discharge piping. It is also not necessary to move the motor if a coupling sleeve with spacer is provided.
  • Flow rates up to 2000 m3 / h
  • Pressures up to 150 mts
  • Speed 2 and 4 poles
  • Operating data tolerance according to ISO 9906
  • Clean liquids without elements that could damage the pump materials
  • For continuous operation S1 at nominal power
  • Maximum ambient temperature 40º
  • Suction/drive flanges PN10
  • It is suitable for lifting liquids up to 100ºC. In the mechanical seal version it can reach 160ºC
  • Standard version with mechanical seal or packing


Pumps suitable for lifting and transferring liquids in:

  • Mines
  • Aquaculture farms
  • Theme parks
  • Elevation of rivers to channels
  • Industry
  • Agricultural irrigation in general
  • Construction
  • Heating and air-conditioning installations
  • Municipalities
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Civilian supplies
  • Industrial supplies
  • Golf courses
  • Desalination plants
  • Sources
  • Green spaces, gardening
  • Sprinkler irrigation
  • Air Conditioning (HVAC)




  • Pump body, impeller, closing rings and support cover in cast iron
  • Stainless steel pump shaft AISI 420
  • In standard version, with standard mechanical seal graphite-ceramic according to DIN 24960


  • Bronze, steel and stainless steel construction
  • Special mechanical seals according to liquid and temperature requirements



Standard Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps with axial suction






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