Fire protection

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  • Grupos APM con Bancada

    APM Serie

    Horizontal multicellular pump for large applications.

  • Serie CP Inoxidable Bombas Ideal

    CP Serie

    Horizontal centrifugal pumps for large applications.

  • RNI Serie

    Horizontal pumps for large applications.

  • Sistemas Contra Incendios FOC

    Serie Foc

    Fire fighting equipment according to UNE / CEPREVEN and FM / UL / NFPA regulations etc. manufactured on demand.

  • Serie NLX

    Vertical multicellular surface pumps.

  • Serie NXA

    Vertical multi-cell surface electric pumps.

  • Serie VIPH

    Horizontal multicellular electric pumps.

  • Serie VIPV

    Vertical Multicellular surface pumps.