SVAT Serie



The SVAT series are submersible electric pumps with axial flow, for large flows, low and medium heights in water elevations. Combines low NPSH with high performance.

A very robust mechanical construction, with pump-motor coupling allowing easy disassembly and facilitating maintenance tasks make the unit a compact and very solid group.

The impellers are of the propeller type that guarantee the maximum passage of water.

  • The SVAT electric pumps are groups of a great solidity and security, thanks to their bearings and oversized shaft, probes of humidity and temperature, double mechanical seal, and oil chamber to lubricate the mechanical seals and to protect of the filtrations of water.
  • The composition of the hydraulic body is roughly formed by a suction body, one or two pump bodies, and one or two axial impellers.
  • The impeller assembly rotates with a central shaft that transmits motor power.
  • The motor is three-phase with squirrel cage rotor, IP 68 protection and insulation class F.
  • The assembly is simple, as it is fixed by its own weight and installed inside a discharge pipe or in a concrete civil chamber.
  • Paint treatment by means of a double epoxy layer, reticulated with special polyamide for immersion and aggressive industrial environments.
  • To select a group you must take into account the following parameters:
    • Manometric height
    • Flow
    • Ph and electrical conductivity.
    • Density and viscosity of the liquid to be pumped
    • Application
  1. Storm water pumping (storm tanks)
  2. Elevations of river water
  3. Regulation of floods and demands
  4. Irrigation installations
  5. Drainage of lakes, rice fields
  6. Desiccation of land
  7. Cooling water circulation in conventional and renewable power plants
  8. Water supply and distribution.
  9. Water treatment at wastewater treatment plants
  10. Water parks
  11. Industry in general
  12. Sea water
Pump body   GG25 (Optional bronze; superduplex, AISI, 316)
Impeller   Bronze (Optional GG-25; superduplex, AISI, 316)
Body Cover   GG25 (Optional bronze; superduplex, AISI, 316)
Motor housing   GG-25 (Optional bronze; superduplex, AISI, 316)
Stainless steel axle   AISI 420
Engine housing   GG-25
O-rings   Nitrile (Optional viton)
Stainless steel screws   AISI 316
Maintenance-free  Permanently lubricated bearings
Mechanical seals Silicon carbide viton
Painting   EPOXY
Electric cable   Neoprene H07RB/7

High efficiency three-phase electric motor, squirrel cage type, IP68 protection, insulation class F

Axial Flow Submersible Electric Pumps SVAT






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