SD Serie

Submersible pumps for wells.



  • Its modular composition is formed by the hydraulic pump, and the submersible electric motor, which is coupled to the bottom of the pump.
  • They can work vertically or horizontally (with cooling bell).
  • The pump is supported by the tubes of columna´, which expel the water to the outside.
  • Custom fabrication for every application and installation.
  • Maximum liquid temperature 25º.
  • Maximum sand 40 gr/m3

Some of its advantages are :

  • Good hydraulic performance, higher yields
  • Its configuration allows to increase/decrease the pressure, adding or eliminating phases.
  • Eliminates priming complications, pump always in charge (submerged)
  • Eliminates problems in aspiration
  • Avoids air intakes
  • No pump-motor alignment problems
  • Less noise pollution
  • Cost reduction, minimum maintenance.
  • No need for a bench, reduced installation space
  • Less civil works
  • Longer service life

The installations of the series consist of three parts:

1- Hydraulic body

  • The hydraulic body is made up of a suction body, a discharge body, and stages or phases, made up of diffuser bodies and closed multi-channel impellers of the semi-axial type.
  • The diameter of the group can be 6-8-10-12-14 and 16 inches, it varies according to the perforation and the service data.
  • The operating pressure can be obtained by incorporating the necessary number of stages thanks to its modular configuration.
  • The set of impellers driven by the central shaft that transmits the power of the motor.

2- Submersible electric motor

  • Electric submersible motor of 50 or 60 Hz with IP-68 protection that supports the axial thrust of the pump, by means of a widely dimensioned axial bearing.
  • The stator winding is flooded in oil or water, depending on whether it is 6-8-10 and 12″, in all cases the bearings are lubricated by the internal liquid, and do not need maintenance.
  • These engines are manufactured by the most prestigious specialized firms.
  • The coupling flanges are designed in accordance with NEMA standards, simplifying maintenance and repair operations.

3- Hydraulic column

  • The hydraulic column is made up of sections, depending on the depth of the well. These sections consist of tubes with steel flanges.

SD pumps are suitable for:

  • Water supply and distribution.
  • Overpressure systems
  • Water treatment sewage treatment plants
  • Irrigation and sprinkler installations
  • Mines
  • Waterparks
  • Cooling towers
  • Chemical industries
  • Conventional or nuclear thermal power stations.
  • Refineries, pumping of crude and refined products
  • Sanitary and cleaning facilities.
  • Industry in general

1- Hydraulic Body

  • Suction body: GG25 – (Optional bronze, superduplex, AISI, steel)
  • Drive body: GG25 – (Optional bronze; superduplex; AISI; steel)
  • Diffuser body: GG25 – (Optional bronze, superduplex, AISI, steel)
  • Rodete: GG25 – (Optional bronze, superduplex, AISI, steel)
  • Pump shaft: AISI 420 (Optional AISI 316)
  • Bushing: AISI 1045 – (Optional AISI 316)
  • Casting: stainless steel

2- Hydraulic Column

Tabla materiales Columna Hidráulica SDX

3- Motores

  • IP68 submersible motors in water or oil bath. (Optional AISI 316)


Multicellular submerged centrifugal electric pumps for deep wells





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