ARSA Serie

Submersible pumps for bilges and residuals.



The ARSA series units are the ideal solution for residual dry chamber installations. They have the same performance as the ARS pumps, but with the advantage of being outside the reservoir of the liquid to be pumped, they use standard IEC air-cooled motors, and the possibility of carrying out the maintenance of the unit without the inconveniences of submerged installations.

The field of application is for wastewater loaded with solid matter, faecal or sludge.

They can work in horizontal position, by means of a pair of supports, or vertical on a suction base that reduces to the minimum the space occupied by these pumps in the installation.

Complies with the EN 12050 standard for wastewater lifting plants for buildings and installations.

  • They can have vortex, single-channel, or multi-channel impellers.
  • The maintenance and overhaul of the parts can be carried out quickly without the need to enter the pumping basin.
  • The hydraulic part and the motor can be easily disassembled without disconnecting the pipes.
  • Dielectric oil chamber, which lubricates and cools the mechanical seals, protecting them from water infiltrations.
  • Moisture probe included.
  • For automatic dewatering any system of buoys or probes can be installed.
  • No lubrication required
  • Maximum temperature of the pumped liquid 60º Celsius.
  • pH range between 6 and 10
  • Density up to 1 kg/dm3
  • Sewage pumping
  • Sludge recirculation
  • Pumping of slurry
  • Washing of sand filters
  • Industrial processes in textile, paper, food, ceramic products, etc.
  • Mining
  • Vessels
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Pumping of municipal and industrial wastewater.
  • Storm tank.
  • Drainage of buildings and land.
  • Rainwater containing abrasive particles and sands
  • Quarries
  • Decanting of dirty and loaded waters, containing crushed filamentous bodies.
  • Black wells
  • Pump body – GG25
  • Impeller – GG25
  • Body Cover – GG25
  • Stainless steel shaft – Aisi 420
  • O-rings – Nitrile
  • Stainless steel screws – Aisi 316
  • Maintenance-free, permanently lubricated bearings
  • Mechanical seals – Silicon carbide viton
  • Painting – Epoxy
  • Oil chamber – GG-25
  • Surface electric motor, asynchronous, three-phase in squirrel cage
  • Closed construction and external ventilation
  • Prepared for standard power inversion.
  • Supply voltage variation of 230 V +/- 10% or 400 V. +/- 10%
  • Optionally, on request, it can be served in special steels, when the fluid requires it.

Residual Pumps Dry Chamber





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