The evacuation of wastewater and rainwater to the sewerage networks, the management of sanitation of buildings and populations, are now a fundamental chapter that must be addressed with great care, thus avoiding the danger to public health, if not eliminated quickly enough.

The electric pumps of the ARS series are submersible units for the treatment of waste water, consisting of a hydraulic part and an electric motor.

The hydraulic part has impellers of the following types: drainage, vortex, single-channel, multi-channel and shredders, which contributes to having a variety of solids passage between 6 and 105 mm.

The suction and discharge flanges comply with EN 1092 (DIN 28605), from Ø40 to Ø300, and are drilled according to DIN 2501-PN10.

The ARS electric pumps are groups of a great solidity and safety, thanks to their bearings and oversized shaft, probes of humidity and temperature (of series from 7,5 Cv), double mechanical seal, and oil chamber to lubricate the mechanical seals and to protect of the filtrations of water.

Paint treatment by means of a double epoxy layer, reticulated with special polyamide for immersion and aggressive industrial environments.

All groups have three-phase squirrel cage type electric motors. Power ratings range from 1.1 hp for drainage groups or crushers to 135 hp for multichannel groups.

To select a submerged group, the following parameters must be taken into account:

  • Manometric height
  • Flow
  • ph and electrical conductivity.
  • Density and viscosity of the liquid to be pumped
  • Application

The hydraulic part and the engine of the ARS series are joined by a common shaft, protecting the engine’s watertightness by means of a double mechanical seal system housed in an intermediate oil chamber.

ARS electric pumps must be able to pump the suspended particles contained in the wastewater. For this purpose, impellers are used which, due to their design, protect the pump from blockages and blockages.

Today there is a wide range of impellers for each of the necessary applications

Vortex “V” impeller. Vortex type delayed impeller electric pumps ensure free and integral passages, especially recommended for the transfer of dirty and loaded waters, with solid bodies and filaments in suspension, liquids from biological pits, meteoric waters, etc.

Impeller “MI” / “M” / “U” Single-channel. Electric pumps with closed single-channel impeller are recommended for the transfer of dirty and charged water, in particular for cesspools, collection of biological pits, and dirty water in general.

Multichannel “CI” / “C” / “2U” impeller. The electric pumps with impeller to channels, are used for the transfer of dirty and charged waters, in particular, black wells, collection of biological pits, and dirty waters in general.

Impeller “RI” Shredder. Vortex type electric pumps with delayed impeller with suction crushing system, especially recommended for dirty or lightly charged water, containing liquid crushing filamentary bodies from service stations, communities, etc.

Impeller “DI” / “D” Drainage. Electric pumps with open drainage impeller are recommended for the transfer of dirty or slightly charged water, rainwater containing sand and abrasive particles, liquids from quarries, etc.

The types of installation of these pumps can be wet chamber, transportable, dry chamber.

The ARS pumps, depending on the type of impeller, are suitable for:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Pumping of municipal and industrial wastewater.
  • Drainage of buildings and land.
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Industrial processes.
  • Rainwater containing abrasive particles and sands
  • Quarries
  • Decanting of dirty and loaded waters, containing crushed filamentous bodies.
  • Black wells
  • Collection of biological pits
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