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Submersible pumps for bilges and residuals.


AR radial aerators are equipment composed of a submersible motor, with impeller for aeration and agitation in sewage systems. They are a very flexible, versatile aeration system when the mixing of a fluid with air supply is required.

This aeration system is based on the Venturi principle, introducing a secondary fluid (atmospheric air) into a primary fluid (water), which produces an effective mixture, creating an optimum aeration and suspension of the solids, by means of a star-shaped impeller, and consequently a good transfer of oxygen and agitation in high and moderate concentrations of suspended solids.

It can be installed without emptying the existing tank, and without making special installations.

For large tanks it is supplied with removable diffuser channels, which increase the contact time and the influence zone, improving the transfer efficiency.

  • The AR radial submersible aerator is installed submerged, with a pipe that sucks the air, which then transmits it to the water.
  • Star-shaped impeller
    • The Impeller rotates inside a plate-shaped chamber, creating a depression, which through the suction tube, generates a suction of atmospheric air. At the same time, a total mixture is produced between the water that reaches the impeller and the air, subsequently producing a radial discharge through the channels of the plate. In this way, the air is broken down into fine bubbles, increasing the transfer of oxygen to the water, ensuring excellent oxygenation and mixing of the entire volume of the tank/cuba.
  • Very compact, robust, and reliable unit, the motor shaft is directly coupled to the impeller.
  • Low construction and maintenance costs compared to other aeration systems.
  • The assembly of the unit does not require any type of special installation, it is deposited on the bottom of the tank without fixing, making it possible to easily remove it for servicing and maintenance tasks.
  • Oil chamber, which lubricates the mechanical seals, protecting them from water infiltrations.
  • Shaft, ground at the base of the bearings, oversized with respect to the standard operating parameters, and dynanically balanced.
  • Good performance, especially when the diffuser channels are mounted.
  • Fits most tanks/cuba, regardless of dimensions
  • Power range from 2.4 to 52.1 kW
  • No lubrication required
  • Selection Parameters:
    • Area of the tank and water sheet.
    • Material of construction of the raft
    • Nature of the liquid to be agitated, such as pH and electrical conductivity.
    • Concentration of suspended solids, or density of the liquid to be stirred.
    • Function to be performed by the pond (homogenization, denitrification, rain storage, etc.)
    • Oxygen requirements (SOTR kg/h)
  • Homogenisation tanks
  • Stormwater containment tanks.
  • Activated sludge biological reactors.
  • Nitrification-denitrification processes
  • Sludge storage and digestion
  • Deposit of slurry
  • Municipal or industrial sewage treatment plants.
  • Emergency work or intermittent aeration.
  • Black wells
  • Equalizing tributaries
  • Flotation of oils, greases and suspended solids
  • Improve natural aeration in lagoons, avoiding odour problems
  • Impeller – GG25
  • Engine housing – GG-25
  • Stainless steel shaft – AISI-42
  • O-rings – Nitrile
  • Stainless steel screws. – AISI-316
  • Maintenance-free, permanently lubricated bearings
  • Mechanical seals – Silicon carbide/silicon
  • Electric cable – Neoprene H07RB/7
  • High efficiency three-phase electric motor, squirrel cage type, IP68 protection, insulation class F and H
  • Stainless steel plate – AISI-304
  • Stainless steel suction chimney – AISI-304
  • Stainless steel channels – AISI-304

Optionally it can be used in special steels, especially when the fluid contains abrasive material.

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