Accessories and Spare Parts



Gauges, Galvanized Hydropneumatic Accumulators, Valves

Manómetros en seco y glicerina

Both dry and glycerine manometers control pressures from 0-16 Kr/cm2.

The AMR Models of Hydropneumatic Accumulator with replaceable membrane, covers the needs of capacity from 5 l. up to 1.400 l.

The DG Models of Galvanized Hydropneumatic Accumulators, cover the needs of capacity from 5 l. up to 1.400 l.

Ball valves, foot valves and intermediate check valves.

Level Switches, Fittings, Pressure Switches, Air Injectors

Interruptores de nivel
We have SK 12 Level Switches for clean water and AK 53120 for dirty water.
Racores 5 vías

The 5-way fittings, model RCS 25.25.25, have connection threads from 1″ for the pump, discharge and expansion vessel.


With an adjustable differential and bipolar contacts, we have a range of specific pressure switches for use with water or hydrocarbons.

Inyectores de aire

Models S600 and Surpress II are available with recommended air injectors depending on the pressure and capacity of the tank.

Borehole support covers, Anti-vibration sleeves

Tapas de soporte pozos de barrena

Drill Hole Support Caps (4″) are presented with < 2″ and 2″ Drive Threads with a cap inside diameter of 205 mm.

Manguitos anti-vibratorios

Anti-vibration sleeves are available with flanges and threaded depending on the diameter of the sleeve.